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  • Drew


    A great company must impute its values from the first impression it makes | Co-founder and COO at www.maqe.com

  • William Malek

    William Malek


  • Marc Sniukas

    Marc Sniukas

    I Help Senior Leaders Navigate the Future of Work. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sniukas/

  • Sam Spurlin

    Sam Spurlin

    Organization design guy at The Ready.

  • Benjamin Hardy, PhD

    Benjamin Hardy, PhD

    Get the free kindle of THE GAP AND THE GAIN here: https://benjaminhardy88-gmail-com.ck.page/f89e3c5917

  • Matthias Walter

    Matthias Walter

    Helping incumbent organisations fightback against digital disruption with platform-based business models | Creator of the Platform Innovation Kit

  • Oriol Mogas Bartomeu

    Oriol Mogas Bartomeu

    Industrial design manager at Huawei. Working in the exciting world were user-cenrered design meets tech. Milan 📍

  • Bob Gallagher

    Bob Gallagher

    I'm the MD of app marketing and development agency Appsynth, producing and promoting apps for brands, agencies, operators and ourselves.

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